Philthy Rich Drops Entire Mixtape Dissing Messy Marv

By Louis Goggans (@Lou4President)
East Oakland rapper Philthy Rich recently dropped his mixtape Messy Marv Is A Fake Blood. Aimed at fellow Bay Area rapper Messy Marv, the mixtape consists of exclusive diss tracks, interludes, and audio excerpts from a recent assault and robbery that left Messy Marv unconscious, as well as the incident that involved Messy Marv’s mic being snatched while on stage in Everett, Washington.

Not one to disregard insults thrown his way, Messy Marv has plans of releasing his response mixtape Philthy Rich Is A Bitch on October 22.

Philthy Rich has been engulfed in beef with a few Bay Area artists lately. Besides Messy Marv, he’s traded words with DB tha General and Kafani, who was shot five times minutes before he filmed a video to his song “Philthy You A Verse Lick.,”  in Philthy Rich’s East Oakland neighborhood.

It’s unfortunate that Messy Marv and Philthy Rich are on bad terms considering the fact that the two did a joint album in the past (Neighborhood Supastar Pt. 3), and have appeared on various songs together. Hopefully, things will simmer down in the near future.

Check out the track “Levels” off Messy Marv Is A Fake Blood below.

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