Six Dope Tracks By Scotty ATL


Scotty ATL is an aspiring artist representing the east side of Atlanta—also the stomping grounds of rappers like Gucci Mane, Future, and underground legends Ghetto Mafia.

Although a new school cat, Scotty possesses a mature flow that’s largely enthralled with lyrics about the blessings and struggles that come with being a talented go-getter in the ATL. His relaxed delivery and words of wisdom on tracks puts you in the mind of someone from the Dungeon Family.

I’ve become a fan of Scotty over the last couple years, but I will admit that it took a second for me to gravitate to his music. Below are six of my favorite songs by Scotty—two from three of his mixtapes.

“The Chase” off Summer Dreams

On “The Chase,” Scotty shows off his storytelling skills, which is something that’s not as prevalent in hip-hop today as it was years ago. He uses the track to recall a story about one of his comrades (a hustler) who falls victim to the hands of jealous associates and a conniving companion.

“T.O.L” off Summer Dreams

“T.o.l.” is a smooth track perfect to vibe to while enjoying a good drink or rotating through the city streets in your whip reminiscing on life. Scotty uses the mellow tune to divulge on how the absence of his father affected him over the years.

“My Granddaddy Car” off The Jiffy Cornbread Experience

Scotty pays respect to his Grandfather’s legacy on the track. Spitting lines about how he bends corners in his whip in a similar way that his Granddad did years before him, it’s easy to determine that the old man had a large impact on not just Scotty’s style, but life as a whole.

“Honey Jack Daniels” off The Jiffy Cornbread Experience

I love the beat for “Honey Jack Daniels,” and Scotty’s lyrics mesh perfectly with it. Scotty uses the track as an outlet to express to touch on some topics he deems significant: the absence of his father; the loyalty that his immediate circle of friends shows him; and the jealousy that he feels from some of the peers in his community.

“Handle Biz By Scotty” off F.A.I.T.H.

“Handle Biz By Scotty,” is a dope track off of Scotty’s most recent mixtape F.A.I.T.H. (Forever Atlanta In The Heart). Scotty discloses how he’s stepped up his grind on the track, and also showcases what separates him from the pool of rappers coming out Atlanta. He does this in a confident, I-don’t-give-a-damn-what-you-think manner, which I think is ill.

“Fuss and Fight” featuring Lecrae off F.A.I.T.H.

Similar to tracks like “T.O.L” and “Honey Jack Daniels,” on the track “Fuss and Fight” Scotty decides to give listeners more reality rap. Over a drum-ridden track with a fly sample, both Lecrae and Scotty touch on some of the struggles they deal with on a regular basis and how they seek counsel from God to overcome these obstacles.

[On the actual mixtape, after “Fuss and Fight” ends, there’s a hidden track that follows. I believe it’s titled “Live From the A.” In my opinion, it’s one of the dopest tracks on Scotty’s F.A.I.T.H. mixtape]

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