Boldy James Releases Video For “Moochie”

Up-and-coming Detroit hard-hitter Boldy James drops the first video off his debut album, My 1st Chemistry Set (produced entirely by Alchemist). It’s a visual to the project’s track, “Moochie,” an audio slang lesson for listeners unfamiliar with the the Motor City’s underworld.

In a recent interview with Boldy, he explained to me the meaning behind “Moochie.”

“Moochie is the guy who gives everybody they name in the neighborhood, and they take them and wear them bitches with no problem. They don’t even dispute the shit. Like, I name all the blocks. I name all the neighborhoods. I’m the nicknamer. I give everybody the nicknames. I talk slang everything, so [that song] was really light work. If I was to really talk to y’all how I talk, nobody would understand a lot of the shit I say. I gotta pour that on y’all slow so people can catch up with the slang and know why I say the shit I say, and know what it mean. Even if you don’t know what I’m talkin’ about, you hear the manner in which I use the term and then you should be able to put the definition together from that.”

Check out my interview with Boldy here. Peep the video to “Moochie” below.


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