Brief Review Of James Patterson’s Cross My Heart

Over the course of two decades, best-selling author James Patterson has created 20 novels centered on the action-packed life of Washington, D.C., police detective and psychologist Alex Cross. And the 21st installment to the crime, mystery, and thriller series, Cross My Heart, may be the most powerful one yet. In this latest book, Cross finds himself burdened with the task of finding a serial killer who suffers from multiple personality disorder and finds enjoyment in kidnapping and killing babies and prostitutes.

But Cross’ worries don’t end there. While embarking on a cat-and-mouse game with the killer, another crazed individual arises with malicious intentions of his own. They’re not aimed at random individuals within the D.C. area, however. Instead, the focus is on the thing that Cross cherishes most: his family.

Cross My Heart is in five parts — each one a new piece to the puzzle of Cross’ battle to apprehend the person committing the abductions and murders and to the plans of the maniac preying on Cross’ family. The book has it all: rape, murder, heartache, seduction, the list goes on. Written in the suspenseful style that’s made Patterson one of the world’s most popular authors, Cross My Heart is a page-turner well worth the price and your time.

By @Lou4President

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