Details Emerge Regarding The Death Of Capital STEEZ 

On Christmas Eve 2012, up-and-coming Brooklyn emcee Capital STEEZ jumped to his death. He was a member of the young but nostalgic hip-hop collective Pro Era. The group’s prominent member is Joey Badass, but there’s several others making noise out the click.

Capital STEEZ gained popularity from his AmeriKKKan Korruption project  and verses on mixtape’s such as Joey Bada$$’ 1999.  However, before he rose to his full potential musically, the 19-year-old rap artist committed suicide.

On December 24th, at 11:59 p.m., he posted a tweet that simply stated, “The End.” It was later discovered that Capital STEEZ jumped off the roof of the Cinematic Music Group headquarters—the label that Pro Era is signed to. When he was discovered in a New York street, he was clutching a bible.

However, this is a story that received little light over the months following his passing. Details were scarce; the only information provided regarding his death was that he committed suicide.

Nearly a year after his passing, Manhattan-based magazine The Fader has featured a profile of Capital STEEZ in its December/January issue. In an extremely in-depth manner, the article, “Capital Steez: King Capital,” highlights the story of the New York emcee that many aren’t familiar with. Through interviews of his closest relatives and friends, details are provided on everything from STEEZ being both one of the founders of Pro Era and the person that created the group’s moniker, to him becoming unhappy with his career due to a self-perceived low amount of recognition. The story also touches on STEEZ’s interest in new age spirituality, Egyptian mysticism and numerology.

Click here to check out the article. It’s definitely a solid body of work and provides an inside view of STEEZ’s life leading up to his death. Check out Joey Badda$$’ “Survival Tactics” featuring Capital STEEZ below.

By @Lou4President


    1. “When he was discovered in a New York street, he was clutching a bible.”

      Nigga did you even read the article?


    1. He thought the end of the world was 2047. That’s why 47 is a recognized number for Capital STEEZ fans. Before committing suicide, he texted some of his closest friends to tell them he loved them then he tweeted “The end.” He believed he was a God and thought that he would come back in 2047 as a God. He tweeted “The end.” on December 23 at 12:00. 12+23+12=47


  1. He didnt believe it was the end of the world. He believed there was a “shift” in which he felt it was time for him to go.. he believes the world will end on “doomsday” which he believes in 2047.


    1. Nope. You don’t even know what 47 is bro. It’s the 4th and 7th chakra. 4th being the heart, 7th being the mind. He killed himself because he believed that signing yourself to a major music group and cinematic , that means you were selling your soul. Even though he had little to do with pro era signing. Joey and his mother signed the contract. Listen to dead prez and free the robots. You’ll see that Jon shipes forced capital steez to leap to his death. Plus, cinematic music group building is 47 floors.


  2. Reading these comments, I can see why he developed both strong rap skills and mental illness. The two would go hand in hand. Numbers are everywhere; that’s their nature. They describe everything. This is a result of poor education (poor information/source vetting skills) and too much unverified bullshit on the internet with too much made up proof, all before a stark lack of revolutionary action by the youth today. It’s bullshit, dude didn’t stand a chance with the revolution stuff so he got further into despair and hopelessness (and the numbers BULLSHIT). Maybe if people weren’t pussies and actually took up revolution instead of smart phones this wouldn’t have happened. He would’ve had more reason for hope. But since everyone is a pussy, i guess let’s just make more raps and bullshit. That should help.


    1. You are actually very right, he would have had more to hope for if we as a culture were really about the revolution. However, the society just isn’t there yet. We are still (as a whole) blinded by many illusions. Even Kendrick references this in Hood Politics, when he says that he could “push the button”, but he doesn’t because “we too sensitive” and the coast (Coast Guard) would get involved with the ensuing revolution. STEEZ did push the button, and look what it got him.

      We can’t push progress past what people are ready for, but we can do put all our energy into the creation of a new, better society in the name of doing good for the most for the most pepoel and not allowing a powerful few to take control. If we want to go anywhere, we all have to be productive towards this goal, in any respect which works for us.


    2. Steez was a super indigo a leader life is either you choose your heart or your mind. 47 I believe the world will end in 2047 thought Steez didn’t say this imagine that the day he died added up to 47 even a scientist knowing all this will tell yiy that’s not a coincidence. Steez saved himself from filth of this world by killing himself he knew what he was doing. That guy is heaven right now with Bob Marley after the tour fucking a girl and doing shrooms the article says he went dark and that’s cause his and indigo a special child of God this being as super special as he was being a leader of indigos harmed his soul cause he probably felt unrighteous like he fucked up. Other indigos are dime a duzin bishop Nehru old indigos like ace hood and if you realise all this rappers are conscious rappers fabulous all that. And most of them have a special relationship with God whether they know it or not. If your keen you can notice an indigo just by feeling his aura then the behaviour proves it more anti system loving.indigos are attracted to one another and their here to clean other people whether the realise they are doing it or not. I have never met or heard of anyone like Steez he was the indigos of indigos.


    3. He was not mentally ill his brother came out and said he was perfectly the fine the media is corrupt full of lies so the research first


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