T-Pain Reveals What Sparked His Issues With Future

Earlier this year, R&B artist and Auto-Tune addict T-Pain threw a few shots at thriving rap artist and fellow Auto-Tune abuser Future on Instagram.

T-Pain posted a screenshot of a scene in Ace Hood’s “Bugatti” video on his Instagram page. Future, who is featured on the song, can be seen in the image. And this is what the caption read:

“Funny thing about that Bugatti you woke up in, #ItsMine #OhTheIrony hahahaaaa funny how “the new T-Pain” has to use “The old T-Pain’s Bugatti for his Bugatti hook hahaaaaa yea. So. There’s That. Not at all throwing shots at @Acehood that’s my man 100 grand.”

A media frenzy followed T-Pain’s post, which he later deleted. A “beef” between himself and Future was presumed to be underway also. But nothing ever truly derived from T-Pain’s Instagram post other than members from Future’s team, primarily Rocko, voicing their distaste with the act.

Several months after the post, T-Pain has finally broke his silence publicy on the reasoning behind his actions. It’s both interesting and entertaining. Check it out below.

By @Lou4President

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