Memphis Crime Rate Declines In 2013

Over the 2013 calendar year, Memphis witnessed a 4.5 percent reduction in “part one” crimes, which include criminal homicides, robberies, forcible rapes, and aggravated assaults.

From January 1st – December 31st, 2013, there were 2,313 fewer victims of part one crimes reported as opposed to 2012, according to Memphis Police Department statistics. In 2012, there were 50,917 part one crimes that took place in Memphis. However, these numbers dropped by 4.5 percent to 48,604 crimes last year.

Among the part one offenses that have decreased include criminal homicide. There were 11 fewer criminal homicides in 2013 compared to 2012, which is a 7.9 percent decline. Also, there were 71 fewer forcible rapes in 2013 compared to 2012, which is nearly a 17 percent decrease.

Other part one crimes that declined in 2013 include robbery, which saw a 7.5 percent reduction; aggravated assault, which was reduced by 5.9 percent; burglary, which saw a 5.3 percent reduction; and motor vehicle theft was reduced by 8.7 percent.

“We do not believe that these reductions could have been realized without the hard work of our officers utilizing crime fighting and efficiency promoted by the department,” said MPD spokeswoman Karen Rudolph in a statement. “These methods include our Community Outreach Program (COP), Blue CRUSH, Precinct realignment and the movement of General Investigation Bureaus back to the precincts. All of these initiatives have worked hand-in-hand to accomplish the city’s success in reducing crime.”

Since 2006, the city has experienced a 29 percent reduction of part one crimes. There were nearly 20,000 fewer victims in 2013 (48,604) than 2006 (68,543).

By @Lou4President

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