Russell Wilson Makes History During Super Bowl XLVIII

The 48th annual Super Bowl may have not lived up to its hype competitively, but at least there were some fresh commercials and an impressive halftime performance by Bruno Mars.

The Seattle Seahawks beat the manure out of the Denver Broncos 43-8.
It kind of looked like the Broncos got paid to lose. But then again, I honestly think the better team won.

Despite not living up to its potential, Super Bowl XLVIII was a historical day for the Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson. He lead the team to its first-ever NFL Super Bowl championship, passing for 206 yards and two touchdowns. But more importantly, he became the second African-American quarterback to win the prolific game.

Decades before Wilson set foot on the field, Doug Williams led the Washington Redskins to a win against the Broncos in 1988 during Super Bowl XXII. The victory made him the first black quarterback to win a Super Bowl championship.

Considering that it’s Black History Month, I thought it was only right to highlight Wilson’s remarkable achievement. Not only did he help his team snag a significant victory over the Broncos, he also made a historical accomplishment for the black race in the process. Hats off to you, bro.

By @Lou4President

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