Full Body Burpee Workout Burns Calories

One of the most effective exercises to work the full body and burn fat is the burpee. It targets both your upper and lower body, core, and is also great for cardio.

The burpee can be executed in a variation of ways, but the basic format involves a person starting in a standing position before dropping down into a squat with your hands on the ground. While your arms are still extended, you kick your feet back. Next, you return back to a squat position before jumping back to your feet.

FitnessBlender.com has a workout that involves 10 different styles of burpees. The workout requires you to do 10 repetitions of each type of burpee, which will accumalate to 100 repetitions total once it’s completed. Some of the styles in the video may be difficult for some to do initially, but don’t get discouraged. Do what you can the first time around. As time goes on and you try the workout more and more, you’ll make progress. Check it out below.

By @Lou4President

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