Lil Boosie Released From Prison, Drops Freestyle

Southern rap prodigy Lil Boosie was released from Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola Wednesday, March 5th. The release comes a few months shy of the August release date that Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections listed late last year.

Boosie began incarceration in 2009 after he pleaded guilty to a third-offense marijuana possession charge. It was also determined that he violated probation that year; he was sentenced to four years in prison. His sentencing, however, was extended in 2011 after he was busted trying to smuggle codeine into Louisiana State Penitentiary. He ended up pleading guilty to the offense and had eight years added to his sentence. On the contrary, in May 2012, Boosie was acquitted in the 2009 murder of Terry Boyd and avoided having a life sentence added to his aforementioned charges.

Shortly after becoming a free man, Boosie gave people a lyrical appetizer of what they can expect from him musically looking forward. Check out the two-part footage below.

By @Lou4President

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