Music Review: Le$ – Expansion Pack


One-time Boss Hogg Outlawz affiliate and latest addition to Jet Life Recordings, smooth spitter Le$ appears to be enjoying the benefits of an extensive grind.

Since 2011, the New Orleans-bred/Houston-residing rhymer has released nearly 15 projects. His latest offering (and first release on J.L.R.) is entitled Extensive Pack
. Although he appeared on Curren$y’s track “$ Migraine” (peep the video here) off The Drive In Theatre, Le$’ six-track EP serves as the perfect introductory installment under the imprint. It’s also suitable for vibing through your city streets or hitting the expressway on cruise control.

Produced entirely by H-town DJ/producer Mr. Rogers, Le$ doesn’t sway from the lyrical blueprint he’s used on other projects with Expansion Pack. The smooth delivery and non-fictional subject matter he’s become known for appears heavily on the EP.

Both lyrically and production-wise, Expansion Pack maintains a relatively subtle tone. The EP begins with “Sunday Drive,” a chill song that has a dated sample and soothing harmony over a guitar-and-drum-infused beat. Le$ balances braggadocious lines with wise lessons on the song. “Cool niggas play the cut, only bustaz need attention/all them hoes in my DMs, be the ones you niggas mention,” he spits in one part of the song, while later on, he rhymes, “See me on them streets, I’m observant/gotta watch my every step/it’s crazy what these niggas do for respect.”

“Suede,” follows in a similar tone as its predecessor. It’s also smooth; bars about beautiful women, navigating luxury cars in a cool demeanor, maintaining a miraculous grind, and staying free from haters flow heavily throughout the song.

“Pen Pimpin” begins with the sounds of a commode flushing, followed by a quote from the late Pimp C’s verse on UGK’s “Look At Me” over a beat reminiscent of the mid-90s Southern rap sound. On the cut, Le$ doesn’t talk about pimping ladies to acquire greenbacks, but rather pimpin’ his pen into writing lucrative songs.

“Comic Book” is the only song on Expansion Pack with a featured artist. On the mellow track, Le$ and his Jet Life comrade Curren$y deliver some trill wordplay that’s more relaxingly descriptive than awe-inspiring. “We eatin’ over here, say grace/before we partake in sauteed vegetables and steak off of golden-engraved plates/Jet Life recline behind monogram gates/ $25 grand on drapes/my neighbors admire my taste,” Curren$y spits effortlessly on the song.

The EP’s fifth track, “Never Die,” displays Le$ dropping more lyrical jewels about the work he’s put in to further his career. On the song, he also indirectly motivates other aspiring artists to map out a success plan and stick to it until they reach their goal. “You gotta be solid, or the life could break you down/and we don’t sympathize for the tears of a clown,” Le$ spits on the end of the song’s second verse.

The last cut on Expansion Pack, “FWTJ,” an accronym for “Fuck with the Jets,” features a jazzy melody with heavy kick drums. Le$ smoothly spews lines centered on disregarding negativity, chiefing good green, expanding his horizon musically, amid a few other topics. “Flow you gotta respect/the newest Jet on the set/the shit before us was cool, but you haven’t seen nothin’ yet/heard the shit that they was hypin’, but really wasn’t impressed,” he rhymes on the track. The song is a great way to culminate his project and an even better way to convey the appreciation he has for his J.L.R. brethren.

Le$ doesn’t seem to be an artist concerned with impressing listeners with his lyrics. He rhymes about his life; there’s not too many high-profile references in his archive, besides various mentions of cruising foreign whips. Judging from his large catalog of projects, he takes his grind seriously and refuses to compromise his musical integrity for commercial recognition. And Expansion Pack serves as an awesome reminder of this for anyone who didn’t know or may have forgotten.

Stream Expansion Pack below. Download it here.

By @Lou4President

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