Five Dope Lyricists, Five Dope Tracks

Roc Marciano – “Death Parade”

A smooth but gritty wordsmith with a gift to vividly spew tales of New York street life, Roc Marci is a significant piece to the puzzle of hip-hop. And his self-produced track “Death Parade” is a great example of why the aforementioned claim holds weight. Perfect theme music for a crime drama, Marci introduces listeners to the life of an East Coast crime boss over a sample of Krzysztof Krawczyk’s baritone voice.

Boldy James – “Long Run”

One of the illest spitters representing Detroit, Boldy James is an artist that typically packs songs with lines about personal experiences only his inner circle can truly decipher, but all listeners can vibe to. This is unquestionably the case on his track “Long Run” from Trappers Alley: Pros & Cons. Over a mellow beat crafted by his couso Chuck Inglish, Boldy gives a rundown of what it’s like to be knee deep in illegal drug activity.

Willie the Kid – “Seth Brundle (Freestyle)“

Alliteration, complexity, extensive wordplay, and tales of fly living are all things to expect when listening to Willie the Kid. He’s gifted with the ability to create exceptional songs filled with words, it’s safe to presume, a lot of people didn’t know existed and use them in the most unusual lyrical approaches on records. Shy of two minutes, Willie’s “Seth Brundle (Freestyle)” off his The Fly 2 (The Transformation) project illustrates this perfectly.

Freddie Gibbs – “Thuggin’”

When you’re searching for raw, unapologetic gangsta rap presented in an extremely lyrical fashion, Freddie Gibbs is the go-to spitter. Gibbs surprised listeners when he delivered his album, Piñata, earlier this year, which is unquestionably his best work thus far. A standout cut on the Madlib-produced project is titled “Thuggin’,” which displays Gibbs reflecting on his past days committing capers, shamefully selling drugs to family members, amid other illicit activity over an unconventional melody.

Curren$y – “Feelin Like“

Curren$y has mastered the art of rhyming about his day-to-day life and sounding cool as fuck while doing it. Prime examples of this are all over his Priest Andretti mixtape—a potent batch of audio dope for fiends (I mean “fans”) to enjoy. One of the most solid tracks off the installment is “Feelin Like,” a song Andretti  uses to give an exclusive look into what a typical day of a N.O. hustla on the grind is like.

By Louis Goggans

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