One-Year Anniversary of A Humble Soul

A year ago, God blessed me with the desire to create an outlet for informative, entertaining, and inspiring content. Fueled by that desire, I decided to start A Humble Soul: a website where individuals with varied interests in music, entertainment, and a hosts of other things can indulge in at their will.

More than a domain name or site that boasts videos, news articles, and a variety of music, A Humble Soul is an escape for people who struggle with staying calm and level-headed when tempted and tested in life. But still manage to do so because of an unfathomable motivation burning deep within their soul.

Although I feel I have accomplished a decent portion of my initial goals for the site, there is still a lot more I aspire to achieve. I embrace the fact that I have a long journey ahead, and I know with time my plans will come to fruition.

I truly appreciate everyone who has taken time out to visit A Humble Soul. It means more than words can explain. Please continue to make it one of the sites you check out while surfing the Internet, and spread the word to your peers.

I’m open to literary, audio, or visual content people would like to contribute. More importantly, I desire feedback on (and sharing of) the content that’s posted.

Once again, I would like to thank everyone who has taken time out to follow A Humble Soul thus far, and I encourage you to continue supporting the movement as it enters its next stage.

Peace and Love,


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