Flashback: Tom Skeemask’s “Forever Hustle”

Mo Cheda, a Memphis-based rap label, signed a deal with Relativity Records, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment, in the mid-’90s. And Tom Skeemask was the independent label’s first artist to drop a project following the commercial venture.

In February 1998, Tom Skeemask released his debut, 2 Wild for the World, and received a reasonable amount of acclaim. Solely produced by DJ Squeeky, 2 Wild for the World boasted 16 tracks littered with reality rap and heavy bass.

“Forever Hustle” is one of the project’s most notable songs. On the track, Tom Skeemask reflects on his migration from California to Memphis’ historical Orange Mound community, connecting with DJ Squeeky, and establishing a name for himself among the local music scene. Check it out below.

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