Report Shows Violent Crime Increase in Memphis, Shelby County 

New data from the Memphis-Shelby County Crime Commission reveals there has been a slight increase in murders, aggravated assaults, and robberies countywide compared to 2013. However, burglaries and felony theft offenses are on the decline.

The above-mentioned information was disclosed in the Crime Commission’s latest Operation: Safe Community monthly crime trends report. Countywide crime statistics for January through September 2014 were shared in the report.

Violent crime has increased by six percent in Memphis and 6.6 percent across Shelby County compared to last year, according to the report. From January to September 2014, there were 116 murders, 303 forcible rapes, 6,405 aggravated assaults, and 2,594 robberies in Shelby County. Over the same period in 2013, there were 98 murders, 315 forcible rapes, 5,988 aggravated assaults, and 2,434 robberies.

Major property crime, however, decreased by 3.6 percent in Memphis and 3.9 percent countywide from January through September 2014, compared to the same period in 2013. In 2014, there were 9,269 burglaries, 22,049 theft offenses, and 2,417 motor vehicle thefts. However, in 2013, there were 9,807 burglaries, 22,989 theft offenses, and 2,291 motor vehicle thefts.

There are a few other offenses that have declined since 2013. Drug/narcotic violations have dropped by 28 percent and simple assaults by 11.4 percent. Furthermore, weapons law violations have decreased 10.6 percent and domestic violence 8.8 percent.

The Operation: Safe Community monthly crime trends report utilizes data reported by local enforcement agencies to the Tennessee Incident Based Reporting System.

Operation: Safe Community was launched in 2007 and is an initiative to reduce crime in Memphis and Shelby County. Spearheaded by the Memphis-Shelby County Crime Commission, the initiative involves an organized network of more than 100 partner organizations.

By Louis Goggans

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