Yo Gotti No Longer Writes His Lyrics 

Yo Gotti is slated to release his highly-anticipated album, The Art of Hustle, pretty soon. And he recently announced his forthcoming mixtape, Concealed, which will serve as an appetizer to the effort.

With two projects on the way, along with an extensive amount of content already out, one could assume a large portion of Gotti’s day is consumed with writing music. But evidently it’s not.

During a recent interview with VladTV, Gotti revealed he no longer writes lyrics down before recording. This is an approach also used by revered lyricists like Jadakiss, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne and the late Notorious B.I.G.

Gotti explained by entering the booth without pre-written verses, he’s able to deliver more emotion and convey himself more effectively in songs.

Check out the interview below.

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