Aries Spears Alleges Kevin Hart Doesn’t Write His Stand-up Material

Long before Affion Crockett emerged, Aries Spears was impersonating entertainers in MADtv episodes and during stand-up performances.

The veteran comedian/actor sat down with Sway in the Morning to do a couple impersonations, but he also shared his views on several entertainers. Spears criticized Iggy Azalea’s music, and explained why he considers Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube to be hypocrites.

Spears also spoke passionately about Kevin Hart, alleging he doesn’t write the material he recites during stand-up performances.

Check out the interview below.


  1. I watched Aries Spears interview, and it’s very unfortunate that he comes off as EXTREMELY bitter. Aries must understand it’s not about Kevin, having the dopest writers it’s about whose marketable and right now he’s marketable. At this point Aries should sweep around his door before he sweeps around Kevin’s door.

    However, what really caught my attention, is how 1 of Kevin’s close friends quickly took to social media and began calling Aries out on his comment, he referred to Aries as an impersonator and a puppet. This guy said a few other things also used nigger quite often, however, my question is, when those Sony Execs referred to Kevin as a “greedy whore” where was he then? I didnt see anyone taking to social media to defend Kevin then, that was the time he needed you. So if Aries is a puppet that would make Kevin’s friend a scared nigga. More or less learn to pick and choose your battles, if you’re gonna fight the little man fight the big man as well.


  2. Most talented or most skilled unfortunately does not always guarantee the most Success. Look at Diana Ross and Supremes. Diana was not gifted with the most powerful vocals of the group, but what she did have was a ton of Charm, charisma and marketing power. — the same can be said in most political arenas as well. Have we ALWAYS elected the best candidate for the job? How about George W. And trickie-dick Nixon. — I rest my case. – – – The list goes on and on. Bottom line; of course Aries Spears and Mike Epps are far funnier than Kevin Hart. But in our culture it’s all in the marketing. ” Perception is greater then Reality. “


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