Juicy J May Retire After Upcoming Album Drops 


Juicy J has had a lot to celebrate since the new year arrived. He snagged a Grammy nomination for his collaboration with Katy Perry, recently dropped his Blue Dream & Lean 2 mixtape, and is prepping the release of his fourth solo album.  

But judging from Juicy’s Twitter timeline, his music career may be coming to an end.

Sunday afternoon, the North Memphis-bred rap veteran sent out several tweets reflecting on the fruitful career he’s enjoyed. However, the tweets changed pace when Juicy revealed that he’s been considering retirement. He alluded to calling it quits after his forthcoming album, Pure THC: The Hustle Continues, drops.

Juicy has had an amazing career. He’s sold millions of records, won an Academy Award, and managed to adapt to current trends effortlessly. If he does decide to trade in his mic for an executive position, his legacy will unquestionably live on. 

Check out his tweets below.





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