Virghost Recruits a Few Friends for “The Grind” 


Virghost connects with Memphis rap vet Tom Skeemask and up-and-comers Soulman Snipes and FlowSo for his new track “The Grind.”

The mellow ode to hard work and persistence is Virghost’s first official single of 2015.

“The Grind” showcases Virghost, Snipes and Tom Skee dropping lines about their unyielding hustle over a chill backdrop boasting a Fat Pat sample. And talented hip-hop/R&B artist FlowSo croons smoothly on the hook. 

Currently residing in Nashville, Virghost said the song was inspired by his continuous effort to record good music that generates income for his family.

“A lot of hip-hop purists will try to tell you it’s not about the money; it’s just about the art,” Virghost said. “I beg to differ! It’s about the art and the money. No one wants to be a broke rapper, especially someone like me with a wife and kids. That’s my new mind state: to kick knowledge and positivity to the people and profit off of my talents in the process.”

Virghost is currently working on a new album, which is slated to drop in the first quarter of 2016. 

Stream “The Grind” below.

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