The Evolution of Bankroll Fresh


Gucci Mane’s hood classic “Rock Solid” served as my introduction to the late Bankroll Fresh. Rhyming under the rap moniker Yung Fresh at the time, he was the only artist I was unfamiliar with on the trap ode. The song also featured ATL artists Yung Ralph, Montana da Mac, and Alley Boy. Appearing on the song’s fifth and final verse, Fresh’s witty wordplay and unique delivery caught my attention, and I looked forward to hearing more from him.

Gucci’s EA Sportcenter mixtape, which spawned the banger “Bricks,” provided the first thorough look at Fresh’s talent. He was the most featured artist on the project, which is deemed a classic by many. 

In 2012, Fresh released his Zaytoven-produced mixtape Street Motivation. The project didn’t make a significant impact but featured solid efforts from the Zone 3 representative. His rise in the game would officially come via his 2014 mixtape Life of a Hotboy — heavily inspired by the style Cash Money Records popularized during its glory days. The mixtape’s Cassius Jay-laced “Hot Boy” became an instant smash in the southern region, so much of a smash that all of the original Hot Boys jumped on the remix (minus B.G. due to incarceration). 

Fresh managed to carve his own lane of trap-enthused hip-hop. His Life of a Hotboy 2 (Real Trapper) and subsequent self-titled Bankroll Fresh project were both well received, and placed him on a trajectory that was unforeseen. 

Fresh got a chance to provide the world with a glimpse into his altruistic lifestyle during his installment of Karen Civil’s “Welcome to My Neighborhood” series in 2015. And earlier this year, he released his independent movie “Take Over Your Trap,” titled after the high-energy banger from his Bankroll Fresh mixtape.

Undoubtedly a budding star, it is unfortunate to know his career and life were cut short because of gun violence. God willing, his legacy will remain. 

Stream some of my favorite tracks from Fresh below.

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