Dr. Umar Johnson Talks 2016 Presidential Election, White Supremacy, and Black-on-Black Hatred

An activist, orator and school psychologist, Dr. Umar Johnson recently spoke with  W.E. A.L.L. B.E. News about what birthed his passion for pan-africanism, the 2016 presidential election, and white supremacy.

The interview (which took place following Johnson’s lecture at Smith College in Little Rock, Arkansasbegan with Johnson disclosing what influenced his desire to advocate black solidarity and combat the perpetual oppression of blacks by means of white supremacy. 

Johnson spoke candidly about 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. He also criticized Clinton’s husband and former president, Bill Clinton, for championing endeavors that disproportionately impacted black people. 

During the interview, Johnson also touched on his disappointment with President Barack Obama’s efforts to support black people; why it doesn’t matter who wins the 2016 presidency; the alleged movement to eliminate the country’s public school system; and the dire need for black-on-black hatred to cease.

​Check out the interview below.

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