Worth Checking Out: WestSide Gunn’s “Flygod” 

The last time I was intrigued by an artist hailing from New York was when I stumbled across Roc Marciano. His 2012 album Reloaded holds a permanent spot among the projects I cherish for their creativity — lyrically, production-wise, so on and so forth.

I got that feeling again after being introduced to WestSide Gunn, which came via a Combat Jack episode. The gold-grilled up-and-comer is a product of Buffalo, New York. His music is relatively similar to Roc Marci’s. Over dated backdrops and vintage samples, WestSide Gunn delivers lines about gritty street endeavors, hefty jail sentences, and foreign designer brands. This is all accompanied by ad libs mimicking the sounds of high-powered assault rifles.

WestSide Gunn’s content is no different from the typical artist rhyming about street life. But the way he says it and the voice he says it in is what separates him from the rest.

His album Flygod is one of the best projects I’ve heard this year thus far. Some of my favorites off the effort (in no particular order) are “Albright Knox,” “Mr. T,” “Gustavo,” “55 & a Half,” and “Vivian at the Art Basel.”

​On another note, WestSide Gunn, along with his partner-in-crime Conway and others, recently released their Griselda Records EP Don’t Get Scared Now.

​Peep the visual for “Mr. T” off Flygod below.

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