Taxstone Talks Podcast, YesJulz, Ebro, Snitching and Desiigner 

Brooklyn representative Taxstone has one of the hottest and most controversial podcasts out.

He recently sat down with No Jumper to talk about what inspired him to start his podcast Tax Season. And also talked about his upbringing and early introduction to crime. 

Not one to bite his tongue, Tax addressed social media sensation YesJulz’s comments about him and black women; his issues with Hot 97’s Ebro; and his disapproval of rappers who mislead the youth.

Further, he discussed the rapid success of Desiigner, and what motivated him to promote Desiigner’s music despite the burgeoning artist emulating Future’s style. 

Other topics Tax touched on include the musical glorification of drugs; the flack he received from saying Tupac and Cam’ron were snitches; and Jay-Z possibly appearing on Tax Season

Peep the interview below. 

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