Cormega Talks Social Media, Boxing, and Hip-Hop

Around the time East Coast emcee Cormega released his Mega Philosophy album, he did an interview with Doggie Diamonds. During the interview, he talked about maintaining a successful rap career, his past dealings in the streets, and his disgust with the music industry. 

A portion of the interview was edited out. But Doggie Diamonds recently shared it with viewers as part of his Hidden Jewels series. 

In the footage, Mega shares his thoughts on social media, and also reflects on his past days in the boxing ring. Mega reveals he used to spar with former professional boxer David Telesco. And said if he hadn’t pursued rap as a career, he’d be throwing punches professionally.

Mega also tells a funny story of him knocking a guy out of the boxing ring; shares creative and financial advice for upcoming artists; and talks about his appreciation for hip-hop. 

Check out the footage below.

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