Gucci Mane Explains His Love for Air Max 95s

“95 Air Max cause I’m a dope runner/ I’m ballin’ like an athlete but got no jumper.” 

Gucci Mane’s final bars on his trapsterpiece “Bricks” were more than words that rhymed, they were a subtle ode to a sneaker he’s rocked from East Atlanta to East New York and everywhere in-between. 

During a recent outing at Stadium Goods in NYC for Complex‘s “Sneaker Shopping” series, Gucci explained his love for Air Max 95s. 

​”Back in the day when I was hustling, Jordans were costing like $90, $100. But Air Max 95s were costing like $130 or $140 or $149 back then, so they used to be my thing. When everybody was wearing Air Pegasus and New Balance, I’d make sure I had some 95s on. I wanted to separate myself from every other hustler on the corner. I used to get every pair of Air Max 95s that came out.”

Aside from touching on his love for Nikes, Gucci talked about how losing weight bolstered his confidence, his favorite Jordans, fashion and online shopping. He also spends a couple racks on kicks. 

Peep the visual below. 

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