DopeBoyRa Talks Top ATL Rappers & Vintage Cars

If anyone knows the importance of rebranding, it’s DopeBoyRa.

He jumped in the rap game 10-plus years ago as Young Capone, building his buzz under the tutelage of Jermaine Dupri. Years later, he adopted a new moniker, RaRa, and expanded his following via T.I.’s Hustle Gang collective.

Nowadays, he goes by DopeBoyRa and has managed to build a loyal following from his DOPE$ELLIT$ELF series (and production).

While chopping it up with DJ Scream on Hoodrich Radio, Ra talked about his musical evolution and dedication to building his label, Dope Republic, into an empire that provides talented artists with an outlet to obtain mainstream success.

Ra also named his top five Atlanta rappers during the interview, reflected on Pastor Troy’s contributions to the ATL rap scene, touched on his love for vintage cars and explained why the A has managed to maintain its chokehold on the rap game for so many years.

Check it out below.


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