Jackboy On Rappers Wearing Purses, Kodak Black’s Advice

Sniper Gang’s Jackboy shared his honest opinion on the “rappers-wearing-purses” trend going on nowadays while on This Is 50.

Around the 14:30-minute mark of the interview, Jack Thriller asked the Broward County native/labelmate of Kodak Black what he thinks about the current state of hip-hop. With a slight gold-toothed grin, Jackboy admitted he thought it was weird, but highlighted everyone is free to dress and express themselves however they choose.

“It gets weird, but it’s ‘aite. Everybody, to each it’s own. People, now, wear purses. Some people probably came on [This Is 50] pursed-up. I can’t get jiggy wit it…it’s confusing. You can do anything now. You can paint your nails…that’s not hip-hop. That’s pop-hip. That’s pop, lock and drop it. “

Aside from explaining why he would never take a feminine approach with his style, Jackboy talked about his recent prison stint, the origin of his name, transition to music and crazy groupie stories.

He also revealed the best advice he’s received in life so far came from his comrade, Kodak Black — Florida’s most polarizing artist in recent years. Around the 24-minute mark, Jackboy shares (and deciphers) Kodak’s words of encouragement, which he continues to use as fuel to this day.

“This shit ain’t gonna happen overnight, but it’s gonna be here tomorrow.”

Check the entire interview out below.

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