Lil Jon & T-Pain Make History With IG Live Battle

Two of the South’s most prolific and prosperous people, Lil Jon and T-Pain, went hit for hit on Instagram Live Saturday night (April 4th). More than 200,000 people tuned in to view the epic battle — coordinated by Swizz Beatz and Timbaland.

Both Jon and Pain played 20 of the biggest hits in their decade-plus catalogs. From “All I Do is Win,” “Im N Luv” and “Buy U a Drank” to “Low” and “Good Life,” T-Pain delivered some powerful blows during the battle. But it wasn’t enough to outperform Lil Jon. “Snap Yo Fingers,” “Turn Down for What,” “Blow the Whistle,” “Lovers and Friends,” “Get Low,” “Goodies,” and “Damn” are a snapshot of the vibes Jon played before taking home the W.

A line-up of entertainers, producers, DJs, athletes and big-name establishments (Netflix) tuned in to watch Florida (Pain) and Georgia (Jon) go head-to-head musically in similar fashion to their states’ long-lasting college football rivalry. With many confined to their homes due to the COVID crisis, the battle came at the perfect time.

Chilling in their homes enjoying sips of liquor, dancing and shouting out their comrades (everyone from Killer Mike to Lizzo were in attendance), Jon and Pain put on a performance for scores to enjoy. Not solely centered on songs, Lil Jon encouraged viewers to not take any Government-approved vaccine to combat COVID-19, but to consume vitamins and sea moss instead. The multi-Platinum figure also revealed the squeaky sound on Trillville’s 2004 “Some Cut” (presumed by many to be bedsprings) is actually an old Office Depot chair.

The friendly competition, which lasted about three IG Live sessions, ended with both artists playing an unreleased song and expressing their respect for each other’s talent. The bout will most definitely go down in the history books and is worth checking out if you didn’t catch it live.

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