Don Trip Has A Message For Deadbeat Dads

Don Trip has come many miles from his humble beginnings in Memphis, but that hasn’t changed his dedication to being one of hip-hop’s dopest lyricists and fathers.

Back in 2011, Trip’s career took off with his heartfelt, non-traditional hit “Letter To My Son.” Fast-forward nearly a decade later and Trip’s presence in hip-hop is as strong as it was years ago — and he’s still campaigning for the misunderstood/disadvantaged fathers out there.

More than that, though, Trip’s calling out the men who shamefully put personal pleasures before parenthood. “Disappointed” exposes Trip’s raw thoughts about fathers who are purposely uninvolved in their kids’ lives — including his very own dad who left before he turned 2 years old.

“Disappointed” appears on Trip’s They Don’t Love You project. Check out the vibe’s visual below.



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