Fans Remember Aretha Franklin at her Memphis Birthplace 

AHS Visits the Country’s Tallest Man-Made Monument

Jeezy Values Healthy Living

Cookie Money Talks Battling Depression

Journalism, Mental Health and the Capital Gazette Shooting

That One Classic From Black Rob and The Lox

“Experiences” Vlog Series: Washington, D.C. 

Real Estate Mogul Launches Crowdfund to Revitalize Urban Areas,
​Raises Millions in Week

Great 10-Minute Core Workout You Can Do At Home 

Dr. Marcus Matthews Talks Memphis, Education & Mentoring Youth

The Memphis Flyer‘s Bruce VanWyngarden Talks Digital Media,
Future of Journalism

Wynton Goggans Talks Prison Experience, Shares Advice to Youth

Worth Checking Out: Allstar JR’s Organized Crime

Don’t Be a Dummy, Save Some Money

Food For Thought: The Benefits of Failure

Three Powerful Tips for Overcoming Distractions

Long Live The Jacka 

Worth Checking Out: Peezy & Babyface Ray’s Ghetto Wave

Flashback: Cormega Talks Mega Philosophy, Fatherhood and Sneakers

Flashback: Scotty ATL Talks Independent Grind and Musical Aspirations

Flashback: Curtis Snow Talks Autobiography, Snow On Tha Bluff

A Southern Classic: Outkast’s ATLiens

A Few Dope Tracks: Dom Kennedy 

10 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

One of a Kind: Taxstone

Virghost Talks No Sleep Under the Circumstances,
​Social Media Addiction and Nas in ’96

Worth Checking Out: Cyhi The Prynce’s No Dope on Sundays 

Wait, it’s Thanksgiving already?

A Few Dope Tracks: Bambino Gold

Doughboy Freddy K Talks Hood Rich,
Doughboy Roc’s Passing and Payroll Giovanni

7 Mile Clee Talks New Album, Detroit Culture and Breeding Cane Corsos

Alex Alonso Talks StreetGangs.com, LA Gang Culture

Two Small Businesses Find Their Biggest Customers
​in the Memphis Medical District 

Aretha Franklin’s Crumbling Memphis Home Could Be Saved 

Starlito & Don Trip Talk Music, Trump and Free Speech 

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

Five Dope Artists, Five Dope Tracks

New Music To Check Out

New Tracks To Check Out

New Mixtapes Worth Checking Out

Music To Check Out

Dope Diss Records: Jadakiss vs. Beanie Sigel

Music To Check Out

Pusha T Interview with The Breakfast Club

Interview with Menace II Society Star Tyrin Turner 


It’s been 20 years since Tyrin Turner played the role of Caine in the 1993 “hood classic” Menace II Society. Grantland.com had the chance to talk with Turner about starring in the movie, his subsequent decline within the film realm, and the upcoming short film he’s starring in that’s being directed by Jamie Foxx. Click here to read the article.

Dope Diss Records

Mac Dre – “Mac Stabber”

2Pac – “Against All Odds”

Music To Check Out

New Music to Check Out

Music To Check Out

Dope Diss Records

Nipsey Hussle’s “#Crenshaw” Documentary

WSJ Reporter Lee Hawkins Interviews Mike Tyson

David Banner Talks New Superhero-Themed Web Series

G. Dep Speaks About Committing and Confessing to Murder

 Boldy James Talks New Mixtape, Debut Album

Interview with J. Stalin

  Lorenzen Wright’s Unsolved Murder to be Highlighted on TV One’s Celebrity Crime Files

Interview with Xavier Wulf (Ethelwulf)

The Bittersweet World of Online Commenting

The comment section on websites has gone from simply being an outlet for viewers to disclose their thoughts on posts to a place where individuals come to bash other commenters and share unrelated information, amid other things. Louis Goggans shares his thoughts on the issue.

 George Zimmerman Remains in Public Eye Subsequent to Trayvon Martin Case

In July, George Zimmerman was acquitted of unarmed, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin’s murder. However, he’s found his way on law enforcement’s radar once again. This time it’s for allegedly threatening his estranged wife, Shellie Zimmerman, and her family with a gun and assaulting her father. However, police are saying that Zimmerman was unarmed during the incident. Shellie has since contradicted her statements about the incident.

Is Rap Culture Ruining Our Generation’s Perception of Money?

An article on Elite Daily delves into how rap music can influence listeners to live above their means. Click here to check out the article.

New Mixtapes Worth Checking Out

Dunkin’ Donuts Receives Backlash for “Charcoal” Donut Ad

Dunkin’ Donuts recently encountered loads of criticism for an ad being used by its Thailand franchise to promote the company’s new charcoal donut. The ad features a woman sporting blackface makeup and bright pink lipstick while she smiles and holds a bitten charcoal donut.

The ad was considered by many to be “racist” and “insensitive.”
Dunkin’ Donuts issued a public apology to those offended by the ad after receiving multiple requests from individuals and organizations to do so.

Hip-Hop Artist Tyke T Talks New EP

Up-and-coming hip-hop artist Tyke T recently dropped his debut EP, The Overlooked.

He took some time out to talk about what listeners can expect from the EP, where he draws inspiration to create his music, and how he balances his career in business with his dream to make music.

Review of Stalley’s Honest Cowboy

Maybach Music Group’s Stalley released his mixtape, Honest Cowboy earlier this month. Click the image below to check out Louis Goggans’ thoughts on the mixtape.

K. Michelle Talks Rebellious Soul

R&B singer and reality show star K. Michelle recently dropped her debut album, Rebellious Soul. Read what she had to tell Louis Goggans about the album.

The Struggles of the Black Race

Louis Goggans shares his thoughts on the hardships that come with being black. Click image below.

Asap Rocky Speaks on Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” Verse

Compton rap sensation Kendrick Lamar ruffled a few feathers with his verse on Big Sean’s “Control” when he called out several rappers and proclaimed himself to be the “King of New York.” Check out Asap Rocky’s thoughts on the issue below.

Russell Simmons Speaks on ‘Harriet Tubman Sex Tape’ Backlash


Business mogul Russell Simmons received loads of criticism for a parody video he released of former slave and leader of the Underground Railroad movement, Harriet Tubman, on his YouTube channel, All Def Digital.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Simmons talks about the video and his thoughts on receiving backlash for it. Read it here.

Music to Check Out:


Boldy James hails from Detroit, Michigan. A place known for having some of the most underrated lyricists. Boldy definitely falls into that category and shows it with his 2011 mixtape, Trapper’s Alley (Pros & Cons).

“Long Run,” “Concrete Connie,” “Gettin’ Flicked,” and “Optional,”  are among the mixtape’s standouts.

    Click and Enjoy:

(function(jQuery) {
function init() { window.wSlideshow && window.wSlideshow.render({elementID:”610892843428878835″,nav:”numbers”,navLocation:”bottom”,captionLocation:”bottom”,transition:”slide”,autoplay:”1″,speed:”5″,aspectRatio:”auto”,showControls:”true”,randomStart:”false”,images:[{“url”:”2/1/9/6/21969602/7925772.jpg”,”width”:”225″,”height”:”225″,”caption”:”K. Michelle talks about her new album, Rebellious Soul!!”,”link”:”http://bit.ly/19V4BLMweeblylink_new_window”},{“url”:”2/1/9/6/21969602/3134579.jpg”,”width”:”333″,”height”:”222″,”caption”:”AHumbleSoul.com Exclusive Interview with Willie the Kid!!”,”link”:”http://www.ahumblesoul.com/1/post/2013/08/interview-with-willie-the-kid.htmlweeblylink_new_window”},{“url”:”2/1/9/6/21969602/4499410.jpg”,”width”:”191″,”height”:”250″,”caption”:”The murder of former NBA player Lorenzen Wright remains unsolved.”,”link”:”http://bit.ly/1brlEEEweeblylink_new_window”},{“url”:”2/1/9/6/21969602/7900688.jpg”,”width”:”195″,”height”:”250″,”caption”:”The sex trafficking trade is thriving in the Mid-South.”,”link”:”http://bit.ly/14C8O0zweeblylink_new_window”},{“url”:”2/1/9/6/21969602/449009.jpg”,”width”:”191″,”height”:”250″,”caption”:”The Bar-Kays are still moving and grooving after more than 40 years.”,”link”:”http://bit.ly/10BxpCvweeblylink_new_window”},{“url”:”2/1/9/6/21969602/7679111.jpg”,”width”:”194″,”height”:”250″,”caption”:”The Bluff City’s gun and crime dilemmas won’t cease overnight.”,”link”:”http://bit.ly/13mEapgweeblylink_new_window”},{“url”:”2/1/9/6/21969602/147245.png”,”width”:”333″,”height”:”222″,”caption”:”The Crown Prince: Willie the Kid talks new EP, upcoming projects”,”link”:”http://bit.ly/14JlzUnweeblylink_new_window”}]}) }

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