Rocko’s Artist Bloody Jay Has Words for Gucci Mane

On his new mixtape Blood In My Eye, Bloody Jay, an artist signed to Rocko’s A1 Recordings label, sends several shots at southern rap heavyweight Gucci Mane. On the tracks, “No Limit” and “He Started It,” Bloody Jay goes at Mr. Zone 6, questioning his mental state and authenticity. The songs don’t fully focus on Gucci Mane but both have bars aimed directly at him.

The diss tracks come subsequent to Gucci Mane’s recent Twitter rant, in which he called out numerous artists, business partners, and associates. One of the people he mentioned happened to be Rocko, who was a one-time friend of his. (Gucci has since apologized about his Twitter rant). The two subsequently exchanged words on the social media outlet. Rocko claimed to had showed up to Gucci’s house by himself to address the situation. Gucci, on the other hand, claimed that he chased Rocko when he arrived at his house but wasn’t able to catch the “Umma Do Me” creator.

In a recent interview with the Streetz 94.5 radio station in Atlanta, Rocko confirmed that he confronted Gucci at his house. He also encouraged everyone to pray for Gucci and said he wished no harm on the rapper, who’s currently incarcerated for disorderly conduct, marijuana possession, and carrying a concealed weapon.

Check out both of Bloody Jay’s diss tracks below.

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