Up-And-Coming Artist Eddy Fish Delivers Solid Mixtape

By Louis Goggans (@Lou4President)
Boston up-and-coming rapper Eddy Fish knew the right thing to title his mixtape to create intrigue: Real Niggas Know.

Even if you’re not a “real nigga,” you’re more than likely going to be intrigued by the fact that someone would title their mixtape that. Or the fact that Eddy slightly resembles Rick Ross on his mixtape’s cover. Take your pick.

Whatever your reasoning for checking the project out, it’s safe to presume that you weren’t disappointed after doing so. Neither was I.

I enjoyed a few tracks on the project: “The Intro,” “Wheel of Fortune,” “Beat It,” “Confession,” and a couple others. There’s some entertaining interludes at the end of a couple songs on the mixtape. And notable rap figures Yo Gotti, Gunplay, and Cassidy.all make appearances on Real Niggas Know.

Although Eddy has room for improvement on both his ear for production and as an emcee, he’s definitely on the right track to becoming one of the next new artist that people talk about across the country. Real Niggas Know supports the aforementioned claim.

If you’re someone who hasn’t had the chance to check out the mixtape, reserve a few minutes to do so some time soon.

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