Review of Berner’s Drugstore Cowboy

By Louis Goggans (@Lou4President)
I gotta admit, I was sleeping on San Francisco native and Taylor Gang member Berner’s latest mixtape Drugstore Cowboy. I downloaded it the week that it dropped but neglected to load the file into my iTunes library. When I finally got around to doing so, I was quite impressed (not saying that Berner’s whack by any means).

A few songs from Berner’s Urban Farmer mixtape are on my iPod, but I’m definitely feeling Drugstore Cowboy a lot more. The first track, “Come On,” snatched me as soon as I heard its dope beat, which is complimented by Berner’s laidback, playa flow perfectly.

Other dope songs on the mixtape include the Nipsey Hussle-assisted “Wax Room,” the heartfelt “Ready 2 Die” featuring Z-Ro and Big K.R.I.T., and the drug talk-filled “Bad For Your Health.”

There’s a few more cuts that I’m feeling on the mixtape as well. One of my favorite songs is “Week Ago.” On the song, Berner opens up about past relationships with friends during his early stages in the dope game and how the friendships soured subsequent to him facing incarceration, beginning to take rap seriously, and also becoming a father. The beat, provided by Cy Fyre, puts the icing on the cake.

The features on the mixtape are another highlight. Aside from the aforementioned featured artists, Styles P., Bay Area mobsta Husalah, AK and Belo of Do Or Die, West Coast legend Suga Free, his Taylor Gang brethren Wiz Khalifa and Chevy Woods, among a few others make appearances on the project.

I would be lying if I said I thought every song on the mixtape was a hit. There’s a few that won’t make the final cut to my iPod playlist, but everybody has their own preference.

After finishing the mixtape, I was convinced that Berner is among the pool of slept-on underground rap artists that I feel deserve to be heard by the masses. He has the potential to enjoy mainstream success one day, but, judging from his music, I doubt if he gives a damn if he ever does.

All in all, by no means is Berner the most lyrical spitter in the rap game, nor is he talking about anything that’s significantly different than any other rapper who’s making an exit (or attempting to) from the streets, but he does present his tales in a way that’s different from most rhymers out. That, along with his ear for solid production from cats who aren’t on every other artists’ mixtape out today, gains my respect. I look forward to seeing what he has in store for the future.

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