2 Chainz’ Chef Talks About Their Cookbook

Those familiar with 2 Chainz and his million-plus followed Instagram page knows that he has an unique fascination with fine cuisine. On a regular basis, 2 Chainz uses Instagram to post pictures of delicious homemade entrées he’s about to dig into.

Those same entrées that tend to receive thousands of likes and comments are created by the hands of Chef Aleem, who’s 2 Chainz’ personal chef. Whether at home or on the road, he’s responsible for whipping up those mouth-watering dishes you can view on the hairweavekiller’s profile.

Recognizing the popularity and attention that the dishes have garnered, 2 Chainz and Aleem collaborated to release a cookbook that accompanied the rapper’s album B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time. Entitled Meal Time, the cookbook boasts 15 healthy recipes.

Chef Aleem recently opened up about the cookbook, what influences some of the dishes he creates for 2 Chainz, how he deals with the difficulties of cooking while on tour with the rapper, the need for diversity within the culinary arts realm, and shows off some of his skills in the kitchen.

By @Lou4President

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