The Art of Remixing: Five Fly Cuts By Curren$y

Before New Orleans-bred emcee Curren$y obtained mainstream appeal and placed a chokehold on the independent rap scene, he obtained a substantial amount of respect for his monthly mixtape installments.

Even after obtaining thousands of fans, delivering several albums, and touring across the globe, Curren$y never abandoned the recipe that made him popular: taking beats that were used by many of his predecessors in the game and putting his own twist to them. This has resulted in some of his illest tracks in my opinion.

One of my favorite lyricists, I wanted to highlight some of the original tracks that Curren$y has used to spit venomous bars over along with his dope revisions. Check them out below.

By @Lou4President

Ghetto Mafia – “In Decatur”

Curren$y – “Jordan 3s”

Outkast – “Elevators”

Curren$y – “Smoke Sum’n”

Main Source – “Looking At The Front Door”

Curren$y – “Opening Act”

K-Dee – “Hittin’ Corners”

Curren$y – “Paydays”

Outkast – “Mainstream”

Curren$y – “Record Deals”

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