E-40 Releases His Very Own Wine Collection

Bay Area rap legend E-40 (Earl Stevens) is not only making power moves in the rap game but within the wine realm as well. He recently launched The Earl Stevens Selections, his very own wine collection. 

The Earl Stevens Selections provides consumers with three different flavors to choose from: “Mangoscato” (a mango-flavored Mascato); “Function Red Blend” (a Cabernet and Zinfandel blend); and a “smooth and fruity” Moscato.

The “Mangoscato” retails for $19.99 and has an 18 percent alcohol content. The “Function Red Blend” goes for $14.99. And the ticket on E-40’s original Moscato is $13.99. They all come in 750ml bottles.

“I’m trying to do it in a category of my own,” E-40 said in an interview with BlackEnterprise.com. “I don’t know too many hip-hop artists with their own wine. I wanted to make sure I put my name on there. If they can have wines called Kendall Jackson, why can’t I have Earl Stevens Selections? I’ve been in the beverage business before. I had my own enhanced water, like Vitamin Water, except it was called 40 Water. I’m also the face of a Cognac called Landy Cognac. I get paid by the case of that, but as far as owning something…this Earl Stevens Selections is what I’m doing.”

To find out more about The Earl Stevens Selections or to purchase a bottle of wine, click here.

By @Lou4President

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