Gucci Mane Suing Waka Flocka And His Mom

The feud between Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka (and his mother Debra Antney) appears to still be brewing.

Gucci has decided to file a lawsuit against his two former friends and business associates, accusing them of releasing music he created without his say-so and collecting royalties from the tracks, according to TMZ.

Gucci—currently incarcerated on charges of firearm possession by a convicted felon, disorderly conduct, carrying a concealed weapon and marijuana possession—claims Antney (his former manager) in particular made herself chief financial officer of his corporation without his permission.

According to TMZ, Gucci’s also claiming that Antney took more than the usual fee of 20 percent over the tenure that she managed him. He said her unprofessionalism has brought forth a dark cloud over his career: lost of money, ruined reputation, and tax dilemmas.

All in all, Mr. Zone 6 is suing Flock and Antney for fraud, racketeering, and conspiracy. And he’s pushing to have the two former associates’ assets frozen. He’s also asking that a ring and chain that Antney allegedly stole be returned to him.

Antney recently opened up about the lawsuit in an interview with RumorFix, alluding Gucci is in dire need of psychological attention and that his claims are illegitimate.

“I’m so speechless. It’s so crazy,” Antney said in the interview. “Waka wasn’t even rapping in 2006. Drugs, greed and women ruined him — that’s it. Don’t blame that shit on me! Bless his heart — somebody call Dr. Phil for him!”

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