2 Million Accounts From Facebook, Twitter, & Others Hacked

An article on CNNMoney claims that 2 million passwords and usernames from accounts for Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo and several others were stolen by hackers.

Researchers from cybersercurity firm Trustwave made the discovery and determined that it was the
” result of keylogging software maliciously installed on an untold number of computers around the world,” according to the CNNMoney article.

Over the past month, the virus acquired usernames and passwords and distributed them to a server that was operated by computer hackers. Trustwave was able to track the server; it was located in the Netherlands.

According to the article, Trustwave researchers discovered compromised credentials for more than 93,000 websites, which included more than 300,000 Facebook accounts; 70,000 Gmail, Google+ and YouTube accounts; 60,000 Yahoo accounts; 22,000 Twitter accounts; 8,000 Linkedin accounts. 

The article stated that sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have notified and reset passwords for compromised users.

To read more about the occurrence, click here.

By @Lou4President

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