Eldorado Red – “Put In Work”

It’s only a small few of street-oriented rap artists truly living out what they spit in their songs. And it appears that Eldorado Red is among this collective.

Representing the
Ridgecrest section of Montgomery, Alabama (although originally from Harlem), Rado is known by his supporters as a flashy hustler, clever artist and street life enthusiast. A true lyricist at heart, however, the bulk of his rhymes are normally limited to three topics: cocaine distribution, materialism, and violence. And that’s presumably because a large portion of his real life involved those things.

Rado’s fascination with the streets may have cost him a potentially-promising rap career. He’s currently incarcerated on murder charges, among several other offenses, for his alleged role in the killing of Louisiana artist Lil Phat.

One of my favorite spitters representing the Southern region, it sucks to see Rado caught up in a situation like this. And it’s equally unfortunate to see a talented artist like Phat’s life cut short due to foolishness.

In spite of being locked, Rado has still managed to provide new music to the masses. Check out his track
“Put In Work” below.

By @Lou4President

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