Valuable Tip For Burning Body Fat

For anybody out there trying to burn unwanted fat off their body, Mike Chang from Six Pack Shortcuts has released an insightful video on how to do just that.

In the video, Mike talks about the reasoning behind people who follow a fairly-good diet and workout routine still struggling to see any significant fat loss. He attributes this to constant food intake and a low amount of physical activity after eating.

The average person probably gets hungry two to three hours after they’ve ate something. I
nstead of eating another meal right then and there, Mike encourages waiting an additional hour or so before grubbing again. For example, if a person has lunch and a couple hours later they become hungry again, instead of fixing theirself something to eat as soon as they experience food cravings, they should wait a little longer. Doing so gives the body a chance to break down fat.

Check out the video below. It’s pretty insightful.

By @Lou4President

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