Artists Needed For Musicians For Le Bonheur Album 

Musicians are banding together once again to raise funds for Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. Since the 1950s, the establishment has provided care to young patients no matter their financial status.

Justin Jaggers, owner of Angry Nerd Productions, launched Musicians for Le Bonheur, a project that calls on local artists from various genres to contribute songs for compilation albums, in 2010. All of the proceeds benefit the hospital.

Last year’s project was a double-disc installment that boasted 40 songs and managed to raise more than $6,000. Artists featured on the album included Chinese Connection Dub Embassy, FreeWorld, Deering and Down, and Rice Drewry. Some of the artists featured on the album performed at several local venues, such as Hard Rock Café, Minglewood Hall, and Newby’s.

Back for another year, Jaggers is looking for more artists to submit music for the 2014 compilation. He said the only requirements for artists is that their songs are original, family-friendly, and studio-quality.

“We’re going to try to make bigger events this year,” Jaggers said. “Hopefully, word of mouth spreads and we can raise more money for Le Bonheur. And of course, [we want to] raise more awareness for Memphis music.”

Artists interested in submitting songs can email or visit for more information. The deadline is July 1st. Artists will also have the opportunity to perform for children at Le Bonheur.

The compilation is scheduled to be released in September. Among the artists already committed to the project include country singer Frankie Hollie, songwriter Rice Drewry, and bands like Chiral Theory, Crashing Broadway, J is for James, and This Glorious Cause.

By @Lou4President

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