Mitchy Slick and Oso Ocean Shine On Whole 9.2


Mitchy Slick, one of the illest doing it on the independent level, is back at it once again. Mitchy dropped his mixtape, Call of Duty (South East Edition), in January. And now he’s doubling back with his young San Diego comrade Oso Ocean for their collaborative project Whole 9.2.

The project consists of 11 songs, and features production from Ez Elpee, Bizness Boi, J Classic, DJ Fresh, and Cardo. I wasn’t too familiar with the homie Oso Ocean before listening to the mixtape other than hearing him appear on some of Mitchy’s past material; he definitely isn’t a slouch lyrically, and I think he has a promising future ahead of him. Mitchy, on the other hand, is one of my favorite spitters and doesn’t disappoint on the mixtape either.

Some of the tracks I’m diggin’ off the mixtape are “Paid For This Game,” “Lemmedume,” “Hell Naw Nigga No,” and “YKWK.”  All the tracks are pretty solid, nonetheless. Stream and download Whole 9.2 below.

By @Lou4President

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