Sex For Nearly Half Of All Men Last Only 2 Minutes 

It’s an ego-enhancer when you can please your significant other, especially during sex. But a recent analysis alleges that a lot of men are falling short of doing just that.

In his book The New Naked: The Ultimate Sex Education for Grown-Ups, sexual-health expert Dr. Harry Fisch claims that 45 percent of men have an orgasm within the first two minutes of intercourse. But the average woman needs five to seven minutes to enjoy an organism, according to Fisch.

With his book, Fisch stresses the fact that quantity of sex is not more important than the quality. He claims that if a couple only hits the sheets once a week, but has an amazing sexual experience when they do, they’re sexual life may be more satisfying than a couple that has intercourse multiple days for a short duration.

Fisch’s discovery that nearly half of all men blow the whistle before a round of professional boxing is finished, conveys that there’s a lot of sexually frustrated women in the world. A study conducted by the University of Kansas’ Department of Psychology and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program revealed that 67 percent of women have faked orgasms.

To make sure your partner reaches her pinnacle before you do, there are several things you can do. According to Ask Men, masturbation, wearing a condom, thinking about things that aren’t sex-related while having intercourse, pulling out of the vagina to regain composure when you feel your orgasm approaching, and having sex on a more frequent basis are all things that can potentially increase a man’s sexual endurance.

By @Lou4President


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