Translee Connects with Alabama State Band for “The Return” Visual

Translee’s Cultur3 Junky mixtape could have been released as an album. It was just that dope, but the Huntsville, Alabama native dropped it for free.

Translee recently released a visual to “The Return,” which is the project’s culminating track. The video features an appearance by Alabama State University’s band. Peep it below.
And read my interview with Translee here.

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  1. Piano and hip-hop are simply inseparable. They blend well together just like pancakes and syrup. I would love to learn both. I know a little piano but I can’t seem to come up with rhythmic patterns that will sound great when my spoken word friends start ranting. I think they are nothing but rants with a nice melody. Each rant should be warranted because mostly it’s about real issues and the best way to spread information is thru music. Again, these things blend well. Piano and hip-hop. Music and advocacy.


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