Worth Checking Out: Scotty ATL’s “Spaghetti Junction”


The rap scene in Atlanta is saturated with artists emulating the styles of Migos or Young Thug nowadays. Fortunately, there are still some lyricists in the A who choose to go against the grain; Scotty ATL is a perfect example.

The ATLien’s latest project, Spaghetti Junction, is unquestionably his best effort to date. It showcases his growth lyrically and sonically, but more so his ability to write dope records. And he’s more open about past dealings and struggles as well as obstacles he’s encountered since becoming a notable artist.

A few songs to check for on Spaghetti Junction include “Nun But A Party,” “Cloud IX,” “Stackupamillyon,” “Stress Free,” “Long Day 2ma,” and “I’ll Never Forget.” Stream the project below.

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