Magic Johnson Talks Kobe Bryant, Playing Against Michael Jordan and Prince 

A basketball Hall of Famer, entrepreneur and community activist, Magic Johnson is a man of many facets. 

Magic recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about Kobe Bryant’s legacy, the repercussions of trash-talking Michael Jordan, and playing ball with Prince. 

Responsible for helping the Los Angeles Lakers win five NBA championships, Magic shared his thoughts on the team’s decline over recent years. Despite the team having several lackluster seasons under Bryant’s leadership, Magic said he still thinks the recently retired point guard is the greatest Laker of all time. 

During the conversation, Magic talked about his friendship with fellow Hall of Famer Jordan. He revealed how trash-talking MJ during their Dream Team days turned out to be an incredibly bad move. 

Magic’s comments on his friendship with Prince may be the highlight of his Jimmy Kimmel interview.

Magic talked about how the late artist was not only a talented entertainer but basketball player and trash talker. And he shared a funny story of Prince calling and asking for early-morning access to one of his Magic Johnson Theatres back in the day.

Check out all three parts of the interview below. 

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