Flashback: Future Talks Studying Biggie and Tupac, Lack of Originality in Music 

It’s no mystery: Future is one of the most talented, prolific and impactful artists music has seen over recent years. 

But his ladder to success wasn’t overnight. 

Future opened up about his stern work ethic and career goals during an interview with Doggie Diamonds. The interview took place around the time Future’s smash “Tony Montana” was buzzing. 

East Atlanta’s very own talked about performing his hit “Tony Montana” before the San Francisco 49ers’ 2012 playoff game; the misconception that Southern artists are unified; and how he studies albums created by such legendary artists as Biggie, Tupac, Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles to sharpen his skills. 

Future reflected on coming up in East Atlanta’s Kirkwood neighborhood, better known as “Lil Mexico.” And touched on his then-goal to travel in private planes everywhere he goes. 

Other topics Future spoke about included the eradication of originality in music; never allowing his lady to be featured on reality shows; and what it takes for him to sign an artist to his Freebandz label.

​Check out the interview below. 

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