R.I.P. Bambino Gold

A few minutes shy of midnight this past Saturday, I was chilling on my couch, listening to some music. I was frustrated, reflecting on a couple things that had recently occurred. To clear my mind, I started to skim the internet on my phone. I ended up making my way to YouTube. As I carelessly scrolled down the list of recommended videos, the title of one in particular caught my eye: “Bambino Gold’s body found.” Nowadays, there’s so much content posted online for clickbait that I didn’t believe it. I ended up dozing off.When I got online the next day, I saw that several news outlets had reported on not only Bambino’s death, but his cousin’s, Kendrick “Skooly” Stokes. According to the reports, they both went missing after visiting friends and family in Montgomery, Ala. on Nov. 5th. Their bodies were discovered a couple weeks later (Nov. 17th and 18th), four miles apart, in wooded areas in Macon County, Ala.

Similar to The Jacka, Bambino Gold was an artist that I followed for years. I always admired his raw lyricism, charisma and hustle. He and Jacka were two people on my bucket list to interview, and though there were a couple times that I came close, I never got the chance.

No doubt, I’ll continue to vibe to Bambino’s music. To be honest, the reality of his passing is still registering as I write this.

RIP Gold.

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