Worth Checking Out: Cyhi The Prynce’s “No Dope on Sundays”

It’s been a long time coming for Cyhi The Prynce. G.O.O.D. Music’s very own has been consistently dropping dope efforts for nearly a decade, but it seems like he’s just now getting his proper recognition.

For those who haven’t been following Cyhi’s movement and/or may be unfamiliar with his story, his  debut album No Dope on Sundays provides a crystal-clear depiction of his life pre-music industry. On the 15-track project, Cyhi lyrically paints Picasso-like illustrations of near-death experiences, hefty drug deals and the anguish and heartache that accompanies the street life. He’s also open about his Christian faith, sharing heartfelt testimonies of how the Lord has guided him through a sea of madness to a new beginning.

I recommend checking out No Dope on Sundays, especially if you’re a fan of clever lyricism. Cyhi doesn’t half-step when it comes to rhyming. Rather, he reminds people that artists from the South still have something to say.

To me, Cyhi is somewhat of a hidden jewel. He’s an exceptional artist that’s helped pen Grammy-nominated songs for Kanye. When it comes to spitting bars, he’s just as cold (if not colder) as your J. Coles, Kendricks, Big Seans and Drakes. And he doesn’t rely on big names to catapult his career. The only difference between him and the aforementioned artists is that he’s yet to fully break into the mainstream eye.

Hopefully, No Dope on Sundays will help Cyhi evolve into a household name. At the very least, it’s sure to place him on the minds of more people when those ‘dopest artists out’ convos arise.

Check out a few of my favorite vibes off No Dope on Sundays below, and grab the project if you haven’t already.

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