Three Powerful Tips for Overcoming Distractions

​Distractions are a part of life.

Whether in the form of people, certain mishaps, social media notifications, text message alerts, they’re pretty much inevitable.

I get distracted all of the time. Since I started writing this, I’ve stopped to respond to texts, created an Isley Brothers playlist in my iTunes library and pondered why I’m in the house on Friday nights.

We’re going to get distracted. But there’s different ways to lessen the amount of things we allow to divide our concentration. When you Google “tips on preventing distractions,” various articles come up. Some suggest meditating, reading and deleting social media accounts. Others recommend taking brief breaks throughout the day or short walks to clear your head and reenergize. Then there’s the posts that highlight the benefits of creating a schedule and/or jotting down goals and focusing on accomplishing them.

Different strokes for different folks.

I personally have three things that I do to regain focus when I find myself in a mental slump. Check them out below.


​With life comes obstacles. There’s always going to be things you experience, thoughts you have and emotions you feel that impact you. Through it all, it’s helpful to pray.

Speaking from a personal perspective, prayer helps me not only stay connected to the Lord, but regain focus when I start slipping mentally. Every morning I say a prayer, asking the Lord to bless me and my brothers/sisters with strength, piece of mind, protection and focus. Just doing this provides me with the confidence and mental ease that I need to deal with whatever the day brings.

​      Exercise

​Staying healthy and physically active are two of the best things you can do to preserve your temple and stay strong mentally. I know for a lot of people it’s not always easy to hit the gym or knockout a home workout due to various responsibilities, but I promise you it’s worth it. Exercising does more than help me stay fit — it relieves stress and eliminates distractions. My mind is always clearer after I complete a work out; I’m no longer dwelling on the negative. Not only do I feel good, but I’m motivated to have a productive and positive day.

                             Take a Breather 
​When it comes to overcoming mental slumps, it’s important for you to take a step back every now and then to inhale and exhale. Taking a few deep breaths periodically can go a long way, trust me. Oftentimes, I find myself so heavily immersed in something that I forget to take full breaths. Sometimes, I actually hold my breath, a habit I need to quit. And then there’s the unforeseen occurrences that cause me to want to react emotionally rather than rationally. Whatever the situation may be, whenever I stop and take a few breaths, I’m always able to ease my mind, collect my thoughts and regain my composure.

                              Stay Focused 

​There’s a few other tactics I use to overcome distractions, but those are my top three. Hopefully, they’ll be helpful to you.

Let’s stay focused, accomplish our goals and chase our dreams!

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